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106,000 miles

1991 Acura NSX in Berlina Black over Ivory
  • Body Type Coupe
  • Exterior Color Berlina Black
  • Interior Color Ivory
  • Engine 3.0
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic
  • Title Branded

Seller Description

If you are looking for a daily driver at a reasonable price and also get all the attention then this maybe the right car...

The car was recently painted - original black color
All the trims were aligned
Calipers were painted red
Interior carpet was replaced with black color
4 wheel alignment done
Window motor were refurbished
Rims were powder coated black

The car is up to date with services:

TOP END IMPORTS (one of the prime members) - Highly recommend for your NSX repair and maintenance.

1. Acura automatic transmission services
2. Spark plugs changed
3. Mobile one synthetic oil change
4. OEM oil filter change
5. Fuel injector cleaning
6. Throttle body cleaning
7. Engine degreaser
8. Brake fluid flush
9. K & N filter clean
10. OEM front hood stay rod placement
11. OEM front hood rubber seal
12. OEM Acura transmission axle side seals
13. CV axle build and balance
14. Front brake pads replaced
15. Rear brake pads replaced
16. Alternator belt replaced
17. AC belt replace
18. Fuel Filter
19. OEM Engine hatch shocks replaced
20. OEM rear trunk shocks replaced
21. NTK/NGK oxygen sensor

Carl and C&M - also Highly recommend to get the NSX services done.

1. Water Pump
2. Timing belt
3. adjuster
4. 4 cam seals
5. crank seals
6. 4 cam caps
7. vtec spool gasket
8. valve cover gasket
9. coolant

17 and 18 inch Enkei RP01 - on the car
New tires placed about 1 month ago
New Tein Flex Z adjustable springs


Sugar Land, TX

My Comments

Posted: 2/7/2018 1:46:45 PM by Jon Martin

It's back now priced at $26,999 and no reserve.

Posted: 1/28/2018 10:53:50 PM by Jon Martin

Auction ended early; we'll see if it comes back

Posted: 1/26/2018 8:09:21 PM by Jon Martin

Back with soem new photos and a reserve. It sounds like the previous issues with alignment and passenger window have been fixed

Posted: 10/6/2017 10:02:16 AM by Jon Martin

No takers on Ebay at $24,999 and no reserve

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