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30,129 miles

1991 Acura NSX in Berlina Black over Black
  • Body Type Coupe
  • Exterior Color Berlina Black
  • Interior Color Black
  • Engine 3.0
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

This 1991 Acura NSX is finished in a White wrap with interior replaced with Red Leather seats (originally Berlina Black over a black leather interior) and shows less than 31k miles. It was purchased new in Tennessee, moved to California with the second owner in 2003, and was with the previous seller in California since 2015. Modifications include a Pioneer touchscreen stereo, carbon-fiber-look center console trim, and yellow brake calipers. Power is provided by a 3.0-liter VTEC V6 converted to a 5-speed manual transmission (originally a 4-speed automatic transmission). The mid-mounted DOHC 2,977cc C30A V6 is equipped with VTEC variable valve timing and titanium connecting rods. NSX models with the 4-speed automatic transmission were factory-rated to produce 252 horsepower at 6,600 rpm and 210 lb-ft of torque at 5,300 rpm. This car reportedly passed a California smog check in 2018, and the oil was changed in November 2018. Equipped with Advan wheels and custom exhaust from Auto Wave in Orange County, CA.


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My Comments

Posted: 5/28/2022 8:26:09 AM by Jon Martin

Price up to $119,888 from $115,997

Posted: 5/20/2022 9:50:44 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced $1 to $115,997 from $115,998

Posted: 11/8/2021 7:43:21 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced $1 to $115,998 from $115,999

Posted: 9/3/2021 9:26:54 AM by Jon Martin

Added some new photos

Posted: 9/3/2021 9:26:10 AM by Jon Martin

Price up to $115,999 from $99,999

Posted: 6/8/2021 9:42:10 AM by Jon Martin

Back on the market

Posted: 4/17/2021 8:31:06 AM by Jon Martin

Listings removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 4/18/2020 8:33:15 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $99,999 from $109,999

Posted: 12/21/2019 7:03:26 AM by Jon Martin

Price up again to $109,999 from $95,999. No it's almost double the original asking price.

Posted: 12/14/2019 9:59:06 AM by Jon Martin

Price up to $95,999 from $56,867. Hmm...

Posted: 12/8/2019 3:07:57 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $56,867 from $69,999

Posted: 11/18/2019 6:12:30 AM by Jon Martin

The exterior wrap and interior color have both changed since we last saw them back in February.

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