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52,500 miles

1998 Acura NSX in Grand Prix White over Black
  • Body Type Targa
  • Exterior Color Grand Prix White
  • Interior Color Black
  • Engine 3.2
  • Transmission 6-speed Manual

Seller Description

Up for sale is my 1998 Acura NSX Targa. 6 speed manual. Please note that the car is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
It was previously a USA car, which I have imported to BC 12 years ago. It had approx. 49k miles. Currently sitting at 52k miles. Basically a garage queen. Couple of my friends have sold their vehicles to the US recently.
I have Carfax report available or feel free to run your own.

Car has been modified with the following items:
1. Authentic Sorcery widebody kit with fixed headlights update.
2. KW V3 Coilovers
3. Umbrella Auto Design front and rear air lift kit
4. Pride V2 Exhaust.
5. Intake Scoop.
6. RPS Twin Disc Racing Clutch.
7. Work VS-XX wheels
8. Aftermarket stereo, Alarm
9. Short throw lever.
10. Aftermarket carbon fiber roof and rear spoiler

When I got the car over to BC, I had the full timing belt, water pump done, main seals, v-tec seals, etc. I believe it's a major 10k service. Have paper work of what I had done somewhere. I had the clutch replaced at the same time as I planned to add force induction, but that plan was abandoned.

Unfortunately, the car was in a minor accident. The right front of the car was damaged. Mainly the bumper and headlight was damaged, and the right AC compressor had to be replaced.Total insurance bill was about $4k USD to fix the vehicle. The cost was mostly parts to be replaced. No major damage to the vehicle. I have the paper work of the repairs / cost break down. I was already planning to go widebody before the accident.

Car was originally Grand Prix White. It was painted with the base coats for the GPW, but instead of clear, Besa Nato Sat final coat was applied instead regular clear coat to give it a satin/matte white finish. Overall paint quality is good, except the T-Top roof has a discoloration mark on it from storage in the T-Top holder.

I have not driven the vehicle since July 2019, so I will be taking it out of the garage soon to get it washed and insured to make sure it's running properly.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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