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SOLD on or around December 1, 2017

22,122 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1997 Acura NSX in Grand Prix White over Black
  • Body Type Targa
  • Exterior Color Grand Prix White
  • Interior Color Black
  • Engine 3.2
  • Transmission 6-speed Manual
  • Other Attributes Forced Induction

Seller Description

1997 Honda NA2 NSX-R Replica

This is a collector-grade Acura NSX. 1 of 23 in ever made in Grand Prix white, extremely low mileage, perfect condition.

No expense was spared when this car was built with the rare OEM NSX-R parts, only available in Japan, and only sold to those who could provide an original NSX-R Vin Number. These parts are now out of production, making this example impossible to replicate today. There is a total of $93,905 in the built, not including the mint condition car underneath it all.

It was featured on the cover of Honda Tuning Magazine. A copy of the magazine and article will be included with the sale. It was also featured on Velocity Network’s “Caffiene and Octane” this year.

If you are looking for a reliable investment or are simply an enthusiast who loves the art of driving something analog: This car is for you. The whine from the supercharger. The precision from it's six speed manual transmission. The perfect balance. The powerful brakes. Perfection.

Upgrades include:

Genuine Honda NSX-R Parts: $38,065
   - NSX-R Red Alcantara Seats NA2 Carbon Kevlar and Honda NA2 NSX-R Power Rails, NSX-R Seatbelt receivers: $18,500
   - NSX-R Dry-Carbon fiber hood, screen, seals: $10,000
   - NSX-R NA2 Gauge Cluster w/ working shift lights (green @ 7300rpm, red @ 7800rpm): $3,500
   - NSX-R Steering wheel, horn button, NRG Quick Release: $1000
   - NSX-R Mesh Engine Cover w/ prop rod kit: $1,800
   - NSX-R NA1 Rear Smoked tail lights w/ center H Logo: $1,200
   - NSX-R NA1 Gauge Cluster Surround (OEM Honda CF Surround): $600
   - NSX-R Aluminum pedals adapted for LHD : $275
   - NSX-R Shift Boot: $130
   - NSX-R Titanium weighted shift knob: $300
   - NSX-R Zanardi Trunk and floor mats: $400
   - NSX-R Chassis braces: $300
   - NSX-R Red front Honda Badge: $60

Comptech Engineering: $31,500
   - Comptech Supercharger: $9000
   - Competch Powertech brakes front / rear (Brembo Indy billet): $12,500
   - Competch Pro Suspension - Koni 8011 Race coilovers: $3,500
   - Comptech Powergrip Stage II Clutch: $2000
   - Comptech high flow headers: $1400
   - Comptech Billet triangular strut brace: $900
   - Comptech shift shift kit: $150
   - Comptech front sway bar: $400
   - Comptech Rear Sway Bar: $450

Other Parts: $10,020
   - ARC Titanium Exhaust (10lb versus stock 50lb): $3700
   - VOLK Forged CE28 HiPad Wheels in custom titanium gunmetal w/ custom H center caps: $3,500
   - Procar dry carbon rear window garnish: $1,500
   - Billet interior door handles in titanium gunmetal finish: $300
   - CNC Machined billet AL door sills: $200
   - Odyssey 680 Battery (20 lbs versus stock 40 lbs): $100
   - High Performance Headlight Optics Upgrade: $400
   - Osram D2S CBH 6000K HID Bulbs: $200
   - Morimoto 2Stroke High Power LED High Beam Upgrade: $120

Replica Parts: $5,750
   - NSX-R Carbon Fiber Spoiler by ProCar (3 lbs versus stock 13 lbs): $2000
   - NSX-R Dry Carbon front air duct by ProCar (LHD): $1,200
   - NSX-R Aluminum Bumper Beam (2 lb versus stock 30 lbs): $1000
   - NSX-R Rear Carbon Diffuser by Procar: $800
   - Aluminum Headlight Brackets by ProCar: $750

OEM Honda Parts: $8,570
   - 2002 Facelift Honda Upper and Lower Front Bumper: $2000
   - 2002 Honda HID Projector Headlights: $1,600
   - 2002 Honda HID Ballasts, brackets, tow hook, etc: $1,500
   - 2002 Honda Side Skirts and Door Extensions: $2000
   - 2002 Honda Rear Valance: $750
   - 2002 Honda Fender Liners: $120
   - 2002 Honda Mesh side Vent Inserts: $8750


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Posted: 10/10/2019 4:48:56 PM by Jon Martin

I assume this sold a while ago

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