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95,400 miles

1998 Acura NSX in Formula Red over Tan
  • Body Type Targa
  • Exterior Color Formula Red
  • Interior Color Tan
  • Engine 3.0
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

For Sale by Owner

Make: Acura
Model: NSX T
Miles: 95,200
Color: Factory Red
Trans: Automatic
Title: Clean in hand

Price: $55,000

A total of 245 NSX's were made in 1998 for All markets (Japan, US, international)

This car is #1 of 245 for 1998. This is the VERY FIRST NSX made in 1998. VIN number is XXXXXX01

Let me tell you about this car, it is the most beautiful exotic car to come out of Japan. Today it pulls the same amount of attention on the road as it did back in the 90s.

It was my Dream car. I bought this car with 65K miles. It now has 95K miles.

It runs excellently. Zero mechanical problems. Zero Engine Problems. All lights, buttons work as needed.
AC is Super Cold.
It has a Pioneer aftermarket sound system so you can use with your smartphone.
Built in Navigation.

The Bad:
-Not much bad to say.
-there are some dings here and there. Mainly one significant one you can see from one of the pictures the paint is chipping off above the right front wheel. A piece of the frame is also broken and sticking out a little bit. This is clearly shown in the pictures. This is an easy fix, but it never bothered me so I never fixed it.
-I dont have any records. I never saved them. I have 3 vehicles and I dont keep records for any of them, its a good habit to have but I never bothered to hoard papers.
-Brake light is on all the time. This is also an easy fix.
-Red bumper seems like it was painted. It was like this when I bought it. It doesn't affect the driveability of the car.

The value of NSX have gone up significantly. They are a masterpiece of engineering.

I have a High Quality Car for sale. Its well taken care of.

No Test Drives unless you show proof of funds. No exceptions.


Sacramento, CA

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