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75,670 miles

1996 Acura NSX in Formula Red over Tan
  • Body Type Targa
  • Exterior Color Formula Red
  • Interior Color Tan
  • Engine 3.0
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

This stunning, 1996 NSX-T is up for sale. Currently in the showroom in Porsche Spokane. Showing just over 75,000 miles, this car has remained in near-perfect condition with regard to its exterior, interior, drivetrain, and undercarriage. The car features the most popular color combination of the time, Formula Red over a beige leather interior. The car is tastefully upgraded in its exterior while preserving an OEM interior and engine. The car has been in the garage most of her years while most miles were accumulated on the highway. Timing belt and water pump has been recently replaced. The car has been well kept and well maintained.

Exterior upgrades:

  1. SEIBON carbon fiber front splitter (painted to OEM color)
  2. Wings West Side Skirt
  3. SEIBON carbon fiber rear valence (painted to OEM color with center left as CF)
  4. Short Stubby antenna

Interior Upgrades

  1. Skull heavy weight shift knob


  1. Advan RS 17/18 Wheel/Tires (8/32 treads left)
  2. Teins TA Coilovers


  1. Pride light weight catback exhaust
  2. UltraGauge OBD2 Scanner installed (shows me all 4 O2 sensors are working appropriately)

Will also include OEM Acura NSX Dust Cover

I will include all OEM parts including OEM Wheels/Tires, Side Skirts, Rear valence, Muffler Antenna..etc


  1. There is a palm size light scuff on the corner of the rear bumper on the driver side
  2. There are a few scuffs on the front hood and a small rock chip on the right front fender
  3. Speakers has popping noises. I believe the amp is out. Can be easily replaced.
  4. Rear bank valve cover has mild oil residue

Included is also a binder with most of its receipts since its first owner. I also will be providing your an Excel file with all the inspections and maintenance performed on this vehicle since the beginning.

The Honda NSX has been regarded as one of the finest driving sports cars of its era. Honda’s technical success with McLaren between 1987 and 1991 in Formula 1 called for a new sports car. The New Sportscar Experimental was unveiled in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show; production lasted for an incredible 15 years, between 1990 until 2005.

Dubbed the “NSX” and co-developed with famed racing driver Ayrton Senna, the Honda, or Acura depending on geographical market, boasted exceptional performance for a fair price. The NSX’s brilliance lies in what makes all sports cars great: the ability to be a pure driver’s car. Utilizing a horizontally mid-mounted engine, all-aluminum, monocoque body, and Honda’s new variable valve timing and lift electronic control (VTEC) engine management system, the result was one of the most capable performance cars of the era.

I have described the condition of the car to the best of my knowledge. The car is sold as is.


Grand Coulee, WA

My Comments

Posted: 4/8/2019 9:19:13 AM by Jon Martin

It's back with price reduced to $65,000 from $69,950

Posted: 2/2/2019 8:39:57 AM by Jon Martin

Sold for $69,950

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