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SOLD on or around February 15, 2019

24,290 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1995 Acura NSX in Formula Red over Black
  • Body Type Targa
  • Exterior Color Formula Red
  • Interior Color Black
  • Engine 3.0
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual

Seller Description

Acura took control of the US market with a flurry after Lexus established its roots. Based on the Honda platform and offering fantastic reliability in comfortable sedans and sporty 2DR cars. Just like any contender, they were not just happy producing reliable, luxury or sporty sedans. They wanted more, enter the NSX, a stunning mid-engine performance vehicle that would make any of the high end sports car take a serious second look. Acura offered reliability with the performance and styling of a Ferrari and the rest was history.

After three different generations of the NSX, the latest NSX has entered the market with the same significant entrance. However, the first generation NSX still holds true to many enthusiasts and has a very strong following throughout the world. This '95 is free from the infamous snap ring issue and also provides the removable T-tops that were new in '95. This gorgeous Formula Red NSX is complimented by the supportive black leather interior with sport seats that would make an Astronaut happy. The F1 cabin styled interior is simple and easy to navigate and the flawless 6spd manual transmission is a must in these vehicles.

Car has been in the south most of its life with a short stint in Michigan before coming available thru our marketing. It is stunning in person and even more lusted at after you drive the car. It sounds great, performs with power and looks like a movie star waiting for its next interview. They just don't make cars like this with so much excitement and so much upside on the collector market. We highly recommend this car for any intelligent person that would like to see a nice return on their money but also a huge smile on their face as they enjoy their adventures with this fine lady.

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Posted: 1/29/2019 9:33:18 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $65,900 from $69,900

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Price reduced to $69,900 from $72,900

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