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SOLD on or around May 19, 2018

94,993 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1991 Acura NSX in Formula Red over Black
  • Body Type Coupe
  • Exterior Color Formula Red
  • Interior Color Black
  • Engine 3.0
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic

Seller Description

First year NSX with a few body mods and custom interior. I got this car approx 6 years ago and it had been heavily 1990's customized with staggered chrome wheels, halo lights etc. We took out miles of electric wire that was supporting aftermarket lights and sound system, bought new Montegi racing wheels (17 in the front and 18 in the back) and carbon fiber air ducts. The interior has a real carbon fiber stereo-delete center console piece. I had my own shop where we restored ultra high end cars and this was always my cheater. It has always been well maintained. Right after I got it, I had the injection system gone over and all other maintenance issues addressed. It looks really cool and runs great. The automatic was always a nice relief from the older stick shift cars, esp when driving around town, but also a lot of fun in the mountains.

This is no beauty queen, but it's no project car either. It turns heads and always gets a thumbs up. It runs great, has cold ac, all the electrics work, but the paint and custom work done to the body and the seats is probably now a 5 out of 10. The bumpers have been touched up, the front emblem is a Honda instead of an Acura because when I got it, it had a custom emblem that was the size of a Honda emblem. When I tried to put an Acura emblem back on, you could see the lines of the older emblem, so I used a honda "H" instead. I also added two "Mugen Honda" badges to the rear, just to be weird. A couple of the wheels have some curb rash. I had the carpet and the headliner redone, so these are very good and mechanically, the car is sound.

I installed a bluetooth sound system that's hidden away. The only light on is the "BAG" light because I installed a MOMO steering wheel. The original steering wheel and airbag come with the purchase. I couldn't open the glass rear engine cover when I took the pics, but I'll have this addressed. The mesh engine cover has been removed and the engine is pretty much stock.

Price is OBO and I'm willing to talk about trades plus cash. I have additional pics and a short video of the car starting lights working etc. Email me to request these.


Flat Rock, NC

My Comments

Posted: 5/19/2018 4:05:31 AM by Jon Martin

Auction ended early. Looks like it sold.

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